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PP, PS, PE, PET material manufacturing

Sun Toward Tech is an expert B2B Packaging Materials manufacturer,
we supply the best Packaging Materialsall over the world.

The PP, PS, PE, PET, ABS and other fully automated clean room production line.Advantages include:

  • Clean room production without power dust attached.
  • Wear and tear resistance, good weather resistance
  • acid alkali and chemical drug resistance.
  • Easy to clean and conforms to environmental protection
  • non-toxic and harmless, can be recycled and is reusable.
  • Good appearance, easy to use and does not take up space.
  • Color, size specifications can be adjusted in compliance with customer's requirements.

Newly researched and developed PP, PS, PE foamboard

Fully automated clean room foam production line, continuous production operations from foam extrusion to precision cutting and packaging.Advantagesinclude:

  • Light weight, impact resistance, bright, corrosion resistance, waterproof, chemical erosion resistance and reusable.
  • High-performance thermal and cold insulation, energy conservation.
  • Not affected by moisture humidity, free from pests, superior materials can be preserved for a long time.
  • Waste recycle reuse, smooth surface, color does not fade, easy to clean; with the advantages of cold resistance, weather resistance and good insulation, etc.
  • Light specific weight, easy construction, time saving, effort saving, good sound insulation.
  • Product weight can be reduced by 50%, saving shipping costs.
  • Product has shock absorbing characteristics

All types of molded boxes, stationery and electronic use cover board

The PP, PS, PE, PC, PET, ABS stamping, ultrasonic sealed in one piece, finished products are for all types of molded boxes, stationery and electronic use cover board.

Packaging Materials Product
OEM/ODM for market

Sun Toward Tech has OEM/ODM professional processes,
and we can provide various solutions to assist customers' needs.
We welcome customers to submit your needs and issues.
The Company will do our best to meet your needs.
The challenge submitted by you is the power of our growth.

Factory View

Our manufacturing lines are always in best condition and planned to develop and invest in more advanced equipment.


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