Lens Protector / IR Protector can protect Lens / IR Glass's cleanliness and protect it from wear and tear, ensures that there is no glue to prevent the product from residual glue contamination and improve product yield.
WEICON has decades of experience in research and development and special formula skills, and continues to have feedbacks from the customers with actual use conditions, to allow our innovative products to become a well-known brand in the global industry. WEICON products include chemical science and technology categories and special tools use categories. Products conform to the international market quality requirements, and in the aspect of industry and traders, the Company's products are price competitive with high quality and good after-sales service that can satisfy customers. WEICON products have been exported to 64 countries for use all over the world nowadays.
After years of research and development and invested 50 million NTD, Sun Toward Tech developed the most environmentally friendly, most cost-effective, revolutionary brand new electronic packaging materials.
Anti-static Silicone Dioxide Metal Vacuum Bag ,can protect electro-static sensitive components from potential electro-static hazards. Multi-layer composite structure forms the effect to protect the contents in the bag isolated from the electro-static field.
Expanded Polyethylene Foam abbreviated as EPE has excellent cushioning characteristics and cushioning absorption, and excellent recovery from compression. In particular, there is excellent protection effect for the higher precision products or higher unit priced products.
DAUBERT VCI Rust-proof Paper and Rust-proof Film
With electro-static isolation through ESD treatment, surface resistance 109-11. High performance water vapor, gas through the barrier materials. Materials performance can be strengthened based on the customer's requirements
Non-base materials Tape
Function: Strong stretching and impact resistance, high transparency, smooth surface, good pressure resistance on electrical appliances, can be used as insulating materials, suitable for computer peripheral materials.
Rust-proof box can provide the metal with rust-proof protection in the confined space.

◆ Electric control panel, electric control cabinet
◆ Electronic and electrical equipment
◆ Tool Cabinet
◆ All types of confined spaces

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