Lens Protector / IR Protector can protect Lens / IR Glass's cleanliness and protect it from wear and tear, ensures that there is no glue to prevent the product from residual glue contamination and improve product yield.
Expanded Polyethylene Foam abbreviated as EPE has excellent cushioning characteristics and cushioning absorption, and excellent recovery from compression. In particular, there is excellent protection effect for the higher precision products or higher unit priced products.
Function: Strong stretching and impact resistance, high transparency, smooth surface, good pressure resistance on electrical appliances, can be used as insulating materials, suitable for computer peripheral materials.
Brief production technology introduction of hollow blow film molding non-foaming PP BOX
Use the current optical materials (Polarizing plate , Diffusion film, ITO film, Brightening film to conduct the cutting process, generally use the shim with PET material to conduct stamping, although the PET has stronger rigidity, it will be more leveled when laying flat, with strong rigidity the toughness is also relatively less, so during stamping, it has to have a deeper tool mark, also the bumps extruded on the PET Shim surface produced by the tool mark when stamping, those bumps are fatal for the optical grade products.
Since the LCD panel industry has become more competitive, therefore, moving the LCD modules to China, India and Eastern Europe has been the trend in the world
※ Can effectively reduce the occurrence of rupture in the active area of the glass base board! ※

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