In response to the advancement of the science technology industry and the needs of the market, the Company researches, develops and professionally manufactures P.P. bundle packaging straps exclusively used in the electronic industry.
Wafer packaging, IC circuit board, LSI, Base board, chemical flammable products susceptible to static electricity and moisture.
Blow (or Hollow) Molding
Brief production technology introduction of hollow blow film molding non-foaming PP BOX
■ DAUBERT -DAUBERT VCI Rust-proof Film
※ VCI Films : Clear Pak2000 │Clear Pak 3000│Stretch Film│VCI 2000│ESD/VCI Film
Anti-static PE Bag has clean, dust-free, anti-scratch characteristics, provides very good isolation, packaging, transportation, protection and other functions between products.
Method of Use and Precautions of Rust-Proof Paper
※ The user or worker must wear gloves
※ Before the workpiece is packaged, make sure that no rust or foreign matter is attached
Use the current optical materials (Polarizing plate , Diffusion film, ITO film, Brightening film to conduct the cutting process, generally use the shim with PET material to conduct stamping, although the PET has stronger rigidity, it will be more leveled when laying flat, with strong rigidity the toughness is also relatively less, so during stamping, it has to have a deeper tool mark, also the bumps extruded on the PET Shim surface produced by the tool mark when stamping, those bumps are fatal for the optical grade products.
Since the LCD panel industry has become more competitive, therefore, moving the LCD modules to China, India and Eastern Europe has been the trend in the world
※ Can effectively reduce the occurrence of rupture in the active area of the glass base board! ※

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