Rust-proof Film
■ DAUBERT -DAUBERT VCI Rust-proof Film
※ VCI Films : Clear Pak2000 │Clear Pak 3000│Stretch Film│VCI 2000│ESD/VCI Film
Product description

■ DAUBERT -DAUBERT VCI Rust-proof Film
※ VCI Films : Clear Pak2000 Clear Pak 3000Stretch FilmVCI 2000ESD/VCI Film

Daubert VCI Films
Please choose the appropriate rust-proof film
Ferrous metal: iron, steel, cast iron, chrome, etc.,
Suitable for use: Clear Pak 2000
Multi ferrous metal: iron, steel, cast iron, tin, galvanized steel, aluminum and copper and other metals
Suitable for use: Clear Pak 3000, Stretch Film


VCI Product



Ferrous metal use iron, steel, cast iron, chromium, molybdenum, steel, etc.

Clear Pak 2000


A low density, heat shrinkable polyethylene, providing 2 ~ 8mil thickness series products, suitable for long term ferrous metal storage. Nitrite-free series.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal use cast iron, alloy steel, tinplate, zinc, aluminum and copper

Clear Pak 3000


The latest composite packaging PE film, can provide 2 ~ 8mil thickness series products. Nitrite-free series.

Clear Pak 3000
stretch film type


1 Mil, machine or hand packaging ultra thin stretch rolls

Iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, silver

Anti-static rust-proof film


ESD/VCI Film uses high-tech to extract polyethylene to produce an anti-static rust-proof film. This product does not contain ammonia or nitrite.


Plastic PE film has its unique advantages and characteristics:
◆ Easy to use
◆ Higher tensile strength
◆ Prevents workpiece damage from scratches and wear and tear
◆ Ideal packaging design
◆ Resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet light
◆ The workpiece can be protected quickly 
Clear Pak series products can provide gasification protection, through the evaporation of Nitrite-free VCI ions, effective rust-proof protection can be formed in the plastic bags and can effectively isolate water vapor and all types of pollutants, can provide effective protection whether during the production, transportation and long term storage. 


Range of Selections: 
◆ Clear Pak 2000 - is a rust-proof PE film developed for steel and iron metal. 
◆ Clear Pak 3000- is protected against all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 
◆ Clear Pak 3000 - Stretch Film. 
◆ VCI 2000 - is a heat-extractable printable PE film that can be made into a single sheet, tubular or zipper bag. 
◆ ESD - can be made into antioxidant film with anti-static effects. 


◎ What are the functions of Clear Pak?
Gasified rust inhibitor is added into polyethylene through plastic injection, rather than surface adhesion and pressure bonding, so that it can provide long-term contact and non-contact protection, no matter how complex the shape of the workpiece, protects with odorless, transparent and distinguishable advantages. The advantages of the Clear Pak PE film are transparent and provide visual inspection work, and do not affect the surface of workpiece, and can be assembled immediately after unpacking without any additional cleaning.


Clear Pak PE film can be customized according to customer's requirements for a variety of sizes:
◆ Pallets use large plastic bags
◆ Flat bag
◆ Automatic packaging bag
◆ Sealable bag
◆ Large cover bag
◆ Tubular shape
◆ Single-sided
◆ All customized sizes and specifications
All rust-proof film will be added with a little blue pigment as identification of Daubert VCI products.


DAUBERT VCI Bubble Sheet
◆ Use the gasified rust-proof additive imported from the US, mixed with special components of polyethylene raw materials, to produce PE Rust-proof Bubble Sheet.
◆ With rust-proof, anti-collision, heat insulation and other effects, and light weight, soft, is the best cushioning rust-proof packaging materials.
◆ Can be made in a variety of sizes, bag packaging, can also be used with wrapped packaging, both can achieve the desired rust-proof effect.


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