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DAUBERT VCI Rust-proof Paper and Rust-proof Film
Product description

◣DAUBERT-DAUBERT VCI Rust-proof Paper and Rust-proof Film
Since 1948, DAUBERT VCI has become the world leading manufacturer of VCI gasification type rust-proof packaging materials and chemicals with its unique patented technology and diversified product line. VCI gasification type rust-proof packaging materials, has successfully replaced the traditional market of rust-proof oil, desiccant and vacuum bags, rust-proof kraft paper. Today, many large multinational companies in the world agree that DAUBERT VCI is the best supplier of rust-proof technology products.

◎Why use DAUBERT VCI gasification rust-proof products? 
The general reason why metal rusts, according to the explanation of electrochemistry theory, is because of the moisture forming (electrolyte) on the metal surface, that naturally produces electron energy flowing of the metal, from the high energy area (anode) of the metal to the low-energy area (cathode) of the metal through electrolyte, and then flowing back to the high-energy area, such continuous cycle produces the metal rust and corrosion phenomenon. DAUBERT VCI product uses its unique gasification ion chemical agents to penetrate onto the paper and PE film, to achieve a safe, clean and reliable rust-proof treatment, capable of replacing the rust-proof method of using high cost, high pollution, greasy, unclean oil coating and the desiccant with poor results in general as well as the traditional paper packaging. 
◎ How does DAUBERT VCI work? 
DAUBERT VCI is a volatile chemical ion, when all types of metal use this packaging method, the gasified positive and negative ions will diffuse with the air, and attach with the positive and negative electrons of all types of metal surface to form a 3-5 layers of molecular protective film. The protective layer can prevent the erosion and oxidation from moisture, salt, acid and alkali substances, polluted sediments, and makes all types of metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) to achieve rust-proof, corrosion-proof features.

※ Vacuum packaging is not needed
Only need to place the workpiece into the VCI rust-proof paper or rust-proof PE bag, and the workpiece does not need to be completely packaged and covered (other than special circumstances), when the workpiece is removed from the VCI rust-proof bag, the ion film of surface will automatically evaporate, and will not remain on the metal surface to affect the coating, electroplating and bonding in the post production processes. When using the VCI series products, the workpiece surface must be clean and to make sure that it does not rust, after the workpiece is removed from the VCI rust-proof bag, it is not necessary to clean or treat the second time, the post production process can be performed right away. 

Gasification type rust-proof theory: 
● Gasification-type antioxidants will evaporate into gasification molecules, can absorb the water inside the confined space to form the electrolytes. 
● The electrolyte will form positive and negative ions, attached on the surface of the anode and cathode of the metal surface. 
● The gasified ion will fill the entire confined space and penetrate all the dents or fine holes to achieve an overall rust-proof effect. 
● Ions on the metal surface will form about 3-5 layers of VCI molecular protective layer. 
● Through the continuous attachment of VCI ions, the protective layer can be repaired continuously to achieve long-term rust protection. 

● Rust-proof and packaging are completed at the same time; do not have to use the traditional rust-proof oil or very time-consuming vacuum packaging. 
● For the manufacturing, packaging, storage and transportation processes of products are able to achieve multiple economic benefits of effective rust-proofing, save on work hours, reduce costs, avoid environmental pollution and without the need to remove grease afterward. 
● With excellent rust-proof with more than two years of long-term rust-proof effect in average. 
● Wide suitable range of use; can be used in all types of harsh environments. 
● Keep the metal dry. 
● Use the US FDA approved chemical raw materials, no nitrite, harmless to human body and environment. 

Method of use and precautions: 
● Before the workpiece is packaged, make sure there is no rust or foreign matter is attached. 
● Packaging must be closed packaging, in order to achieve the true effect of rust-proof paper. 
● Rust-proof paper and the workpiece shall be as closely attached as possible, without any other items between the two. 
● The user or the worker must wear gloves. 
● For the worker to touch the work by hand is strictly prohibited. 
● The rust-proof effect is determined by the method of using the packaging material. 
● Unused or leftover rust-proof paper after use shall be sealed and stored in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.

◎ How long is the protective effect of the DAUBERT VCI? 
DAUBERT VCI can provide several years of complete rust-proof protection treatment. DAUBERT VCI offers many different products to meet the requirements of various packaging methods and different rust-proof periods. Whether your required rust-proof period is a few days or a few years, DAUBERT VCI can meet your requirements according to different types of products.

◎ What production process can DAUBERT VCI be used? 
DAUBERT VCI product can be used on any metal parts may be rusted
From the short term protection of packaging of raw material, storage, production process, to the final finished product long term storage and export protection can use DAUBERT VC I series products, and even many materials and production processes that require cleanliness and very sensitive to rust and changed of color can use DAUBRET VCI series products as well. DAUBERT VCI provides many different selections and applications to protect all types of workpieces, whether those are all types of metals such as iron, carbon steel, galvanized workpieces, cadmium, silver, tin, copper, lead and other metals and all types of alloy materials. 

◎ How to choose the correct DAUBERT VCI product? 
Different metals require different chemical ion protection, please refer to the selection table under the rust-proof paper section, and choose the appropriate product and packaging method. When choosing the VCI rust-proof paper, the benefits are as follows 
★ Easy to use
★ Higher tensile strength
★ Prevents workpiece damage from scratches and wear and tear
★ Ideal for packaging design
★ Resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet light
★ Workpiece can be protected quickly

DAUBERT VC I rust-proof paper has many specifications to choose from. For the larger and more complex workpieces, please choose the higher strength of the paper, for the smaller and lighter parts, then choose the lighter paper, for the rust-proof paper with PE film can provide better resistance to moisture and oil, for the multi-layer high-chemical rust-proof paper are provided to be used for long-term rust-proof protection even in a harsh environments. 

Available in all sizes, weights and types of products: 
★ Single Sheet
★ Paper Bag
★ Paper Roll
★ Tailor-made for all shapes 

Wide Selections: 
★ PE film rust-proof paper
★ Wax film rust-proof paper
★ Asphalt film rust-proof paper
★ Fiber rust-proof paper
★ Crepe rust-proof paper

Surface printing:
DAUBERT VCI can print your Company's trademarks and information on the surface of the product according to the customer's requirements to facilitate your Company in identifying your own products.


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