Brief production technology introduction of hollow blow film molding non-foaming PP BOX
Product description

Brief production technology introduction of hollow blow film molding non-foaming PP BOX
This technology is the most advanced in Germany Hollow Blow Molding (hollow blow molding, hollow molding) technology, the mold base is blown out at vertical film head from the top down, and maintains a high temperature of about 200 ℃ to allow the PP raw materials remain in the semi-dissolved state, and then attach and seal the left and right mold from outside toward inside, followed by injecting CO2 cooling gas from the center of the film head to quickly drop the temperature of the PP from 200 ℃ down to below 30 ℃ in 30 seconds. At this time, PP will be cooled down molding according to the mold design, then place the molded PP BOX in the environment of 80 ℃ for 10 minutes to eliminate the stress inside the materials and let the low temperature CO2 air expand to produce internal pressure, at this time, the hollow PP BOX will have the characteristics of air pressure shock absorption, the final production process is to assemble 30 times the PE foaming cushioning materials in the PP BOX, and the materials shall be laser irradiation foam molding. Do not use any foaming agent for 100% recyclable environmentally friendly materials to have a high flexibility and toughness. The LCD panel can provide better protection effect, and can be transformed into any smaller size use in the future for a lower cost and absolutely without quality risk. 

Key Analysis

  1. Use Germany's most advanced vacuum blow molding technology and combined with PP, PE, EPO and other foam technology
  2. The product has more rigidity
  3. 100% environmentally friendly recyclable
  4. More moisture isolation
  5. Provides more advanced cushioning protection effect
  6. Lower cost
  7. Loading efficiency can be increased by 3 times


Product specifications

New PPBOX and Tray efficiency analysis

Analyzed Items General Tray SUNTOWARDTECH PPBOX
42” loading Amount 1 10
Moisture Isolation Negative Excellent
Outer Carton Must Not required
40” Container Loading Amount 4000 20000
Common Dimension Design Negative Yes

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