Sun Toward Tech was over 20 years of experiences in Packaging Material Market,
we devote ourselves developing and manufacturing high quality Packaging Materials.
Sun Toward Tech is recognized as a professional image in the field of packaging materials in both domestic and oversea market.
Except of continuing improvement in company system and profit,
Sun Toward Tech deeply believe that we should contribute to the society and environment.

By city government, Sun Toward Tech was rewarded as top employer for hiring disable labors. Beyond the law requested, we are having 4 disable labors In 150 employees.
Without any discrimination, those disable labors are working in different departments.
We provide personal parking space and flexible working time for those special works.
Moreover, we also invite parents of those workers to take part in company activity in order to show our respect to their efforts.

For environment protection and work safety, Sun Toward Tech insist to follow the principle during manufacturing process as below:

① To reduce the related harm for environment, we use environmental material in production.
② To save the energy and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide; to prevent pollutions and reduce wastes.
③ To comply with all law and food safety.

Sun Toward Tech were certified HACCP by ISOQAR in February 2010 due to the requirement for food safety from our customers. Expect to receive more confidences from our customers, Sun Toward Tech provide customers with food grade certificate, testing report in quality, and testing data of raw material.

In the working safety, we integrate social responsibility with working safety control system to find out what would be the critical risk for working environment and what would be the reason to cause the dangerous working environment. By setting target, management plan, and production standard- operation-principle, we can provide workers a safe working environment. Workers who are working in dangerous process needs to have a series of training to decrease the possibility of working accident.

In the waste management, Sun Toward Tech are working on the development of green material and recycling system. To reduce the waste, our company request recycling before dumping in order to recycle more energy and source.

Sun Toward Tech are focusing on development and training of employees. To provide a clear blue print of life development, we provide efficient source and combine with TTQS training system to educate our employees. Beside, employees can use E-learning training system to receive more information and improve themselves. Moreover, to show all employees company’s attention to social responsibility,
Sun Toward Tech request all workers to attend in the education training for environment and work safety.
By doing so, Sun Toward Tech rewarded for benchmark of Taiwan Training Quality System in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

The following two items are the major corporate welfare of Sun Toward Tech for all colleagues:

① Sun Toward Tech provides:
National health insurance, labor insurance, travel insurance, allocation of worker’s retirement reserve fund,
allocation of occupational hazard insurance, breastfeeding room, bonus for festivals,
performance bonus, group insurance, health examination, subsides for weds, funerals,
sickness and injury relief, employee dormitory, meal allowance and measures for employees pursue further education.

② Employee welfare committee plans:
Presents for festivals, activities of association, tour, social activities,
contests of a lot of sport games and lecture courses of art…etc.

In order to spread the spirit of“Put oneself in other’s shoes”, Sun Toward Tech makes donations to charities and nursery schools regularly, and take these events for examples to employees for advocating that take social esponsibility well as an enterprise.

Sun Toward Tech consider “workers” seriously as family member, and follow the social concern as our obligation and culture of enterprise. Nevertheless, Sun Toward Tech can operate continuously by establishing the action power of workers and the positive awakening of employee to create a peaceful society.


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